Stay Connected with Fuse Connected Services from AGCO

New Fuse Connected Services from AGCO help farmers optimize uptime, improve farm efficiency and increase yields and profits.

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Innovative Storage, Handling and Tractor Solutions from AGCO

There are plenty of variables over which farmers have no control. Steve Sork of Fairfield, Ill., decided to take charge of all that he could.

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The AGCO-Branded UAV

AGCO and SOLO team up to offer the latest in unmanned aerial vehicle technology for farming.

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Beautiful Farm, Brawny Tractor

A pair of Massey Ferguson tractors help restore and preserve this scenic farmstead.

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Massey Ferguson and Woods Equipment Are A Terrific Team

Massey Ferguson® and Woods® Equipment deepen their ties, allowing more dealers to offer an even greater variety of tractors and implement combinations.

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Massey Ferguson 4700 Series: Heavy, Yes. Gas Guzzling, No.

Among a host of tasks, the new 4700 Series is designed for heavier and larger implements, draft work and demanding applications. Yet, even with all that beef, these tractors are still amazingly fuel-efficient. That’s in large part due to electronic engine management coupled with a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel injection system. A high-pressure fuel pump […]

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Field Test: Heavy-Duty Utility Tractors

The new Massey Ferguson® 4700 Series of tractors is quite possibly the most rigorously tested tractor in AGCO history. Engineers and farmers put the series through its paces in some 36,000 hours of testing in oftentimes brutal conditions, in locales as far-flung as southern Zambia, Brazil, Turkey, China and the desert heat of Arizona.

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Tale of the Tape: Drip Irrigation Tests in Field Crops

Does subsurface drip irrigation save water in field crops? The answer, it turns out, is complicated.

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Plow Ahead: Massey Ferguson and Snow Removal

Snow is no match for Massey Ferguson® tractors

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Build Dealer Relationships for Preventive Maintenance on Combines

Preventive maintenance: It’s as much about relationships as it is repairs.

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