It’s About Uptime

With new programs in place to get the right parts on shelves and prevent downtime, AGCO Parts continues to improve how it serves its customers.

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Life by the Reins: Running a Saddle Barn

Deena Coleman was born with an unbridled passion for horses—and she’s managed to find a day job that allows her to share that love with others.

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Biomass Harvesting: Win-Win, and Then Some

Harvesting residue offers additional revenue for grain producers, the potential for better yields and probable market growth for years to come.

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Succession on the Farm: Working the Middle

Members of the sandwich generation work “day jobs” to help grandparents and grandkids keep the family farm.

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Taking Care: Craig Holm and his Minnesota Farm

This Minnesota farmer diversified and found ways to save on inputs and improve yields, all the while striving to look after his neighbors.

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AGCO’s Jackson Plant: Better, Stronger, Faster

A state-of-the-art testing facility is a new tractor’s worst nightmare, but a customer’s best friend. Read on for more about the “Dyno-Jounce” test and other leading-edge tools that help make AGCO farm equipment the best of the best.

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Biltmore: Ritzy Home, Real Farm

The largest private home ever built in the U.S. is also home to a thriving—and modern—agricultural operation.

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Farming On Their Own in Remote Northern Quebec

Two brothers build new lives, start their own farm and make new friends far from home.

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Kirk (left) and Willie Venvertloh.

Young Farmers Get a Helping Hand

Without help from the previous generation, today’s young farmers find it hard to get started.

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Farmer of the Year: Coming Out On Top

Produce and agritourism—as well as family and perseverance—make a winning combination at Strawberry Hill USA.

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