Field Test: Heavy-Duty Utility Tractors

The new Massey Ferguson® 4700 Series of tractors is quite possibly the most rigorously tested tractor in AGCO history. Engineers and farmers put the series through its paces in some 36,000 hours of testing in oftentimes brutal conditions, in locales as far-flung as southern Zambia, Brazil, Turkey, China and the desert heat of Arizona.

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Tale of the Tape: Drip Irrigation Tests in Field Crops

Does subsurface drip irrigation save water in field crops? The answer, it turns out, is complicated.

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Sugar Cane: Hard Work, Sweet Result

Sugar cane is a crop like no other in the U.S.

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Cool Running: Ranching in Alberta’s Cow Country

Three ranchers explain why horses work better than quads, it’s better to let nature run its course and bigger isn’t always better.

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Like Father, Like Daughter: Passing On The Farm

A daughter learns from her dad, and vice versa, on this Iowa farm.

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Special Report: Water Woes

A FarmLife Special Report: How Israel overcame its national water shortage and averted an existential crisis. If they can do it, can we?

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Not Just a California Problem: Water Worries

If you thought water was just a Left Coast issue, think again. Potential shortages, and fights over water rights and quality loom for areas across North America. There is, however, hope we can all beat this thing.

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Railroads and Ag: Commodities on the Line

Two years ago, producers saw a bumper crop of grain … that they often couldn’t get to market. Will railroads’ recent infrastructure improvements prevent a logjam?

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Banding Together: Canola Growers and Virtex Farm Foods

Farmers create a partnership to capture market potential and build a model for long-term sustainability of the family farm.

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A Blue-Sky Kind of Guy: The Great Outdoors with Paul Breuer

Even though he’s traded in his raft for a tractor, a theme runs through Paul Breuer’s life—helping others enjoy the great outdoors.

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