It’s About Uptime

With new programs in place to get the right parts on shelves and prevent downtime, AGCO Parts continues to improve how it serves its customers.

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One Step At A Time

This farmer approaches change at his own deliberate pace.

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Al has 300 mature milking Holsteins.

Educating the Public on Agriculture

The Kuehnerts are spreading the word about modern dairy agriculture through a new fall festival on their Indiana farm.

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Major Changes: The New Boom in Ag Education

A special report: Colleges of agriculture are reporting record admissions numbers across the U.S. and Canada. We sat down with a group of students and recent graduates to get their take.

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Ag School: A Day in the Life

Two agriculture school co-eds at Murray State University shoot a day-in-the-life video.

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Ag School Degrees Useless? Think Again

Students and experts react in retrospect to a 2012 Yahoo! article that listed agriculture as the most useless college major.

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Big Man on Campus

Dr. Tony Brannon helped create a nationally recognized school of agriculture by “building it on the ground and then standing it up.”

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Growing Spuds: High-Risk, High-Reward

Despite a tough start with a new crop, one farm family held on and found success.

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Smaller Farms: Down, But Not Out

Small and midsize farms are decreasing in number, but not importance. One family farmer makes the case and practices what he preaches.

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Vitamin D: Solar to Dollars

With a smart finance plan, serious incentives and an established solar contractor, two California dairymen have turned 4 acres of solar technology into a real cash cow.

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