Special Report: Water Woes

A FarmLife Special Report: How Israel overcame its national water shortage and averted an existential crisis. If they can do it, can we?

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Not Just a California Problem: Water Worries

If you thought water was just a Left Coast issue, think again. Potential shortages, and fights over water rights and quality loom for areas across North America. There is, however, hope we can all beat this thing.

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Railroads and Ag: Commodities on the Line

Two years ago, producers saw a bumper crop of grain … that they often couldn’t get to market. Will railroads’ recent infrastructure improvements prevent a logjam?

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Banding Together: Canola Growers and Virtex Farm Foods

Farmers create a partnership to capture market potential and build a model for long-term sustainability of the family farm.

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A Blue-Sky Kind of Guy: The Great Outdoors with Paul Breuer

Even though he’s traded in his raft for a tractor, a theme runs through Paul Breuer’s life—helping others enjoy the great outdoors.

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Farm, Family and Football: Inside a Successful Dairy

Meet Head Coach Jason Schwab, the man with the plan for a championship dairy.

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When The Levee Breaks

After recovering from a devastating flood in 1993, this Missouri father-son team plows ahead, trying new approaches and hoping the river remains in its banks.

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Murray and Todd Schnarr

Robotic Revolution: The Latest in Milking Technology

Two dairymen discuss the upside, downside and the promise of automatic milking systems. The bottom line? It’s not all about dollars and cents.

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Barn Weddings Can Mean Big Income Boosts

Missouri farmers Ron and Diana Mellon have a new cash crop—weddings—and it’s yielding big.

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Full Pull: On The Job and On The Track With Joe Eder

Joe Eder drives and builds pulling tractors while running two successful ag businesses. It’s safe to say it: Joe knows horsepower.

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