Growing Into Business

Three generations of Dutch Americans build a solid operation in one of North America’s most beautiful places.

By Richard Banks | Photos By Rob Lagerstrom

The Leep family's "outdoor office."

The Leep family’s “outdoor office.”

Standing on this domed stretch of Leep family land, you can see mountains in every direction—tall peaks, some reaching 2 miles above sea level. And on those evenings in winter, when it’s not snowed in and the sun sits low, the sky glows with a deep blue that hints at the vastness of space and things much larger than those of us standing on this hay field.

The massive ranges, the black soil underfoot, the magnitude of this, the Gallatin Valley, and those heavens above can leave the onlooker breathless and humbled, feeling equal parts in awe and insignificant.

“You know,” says Greg Leep, who with his brother Sherwin runs Leep Hay & Grain, “you can get sucked into your problems and not look around and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. My wife always kids me. She says, ‘You need to look up once in a while; look at the mountains and scenery around you here.’

“That’s good advice,” admits Greg, “because I can get focused on dry spots and things like that. If we’ll get enough rain. Can we get the hay delivered in time? Will it come at the right price? But it is a great place to live and raise a family.”

“It is an extraordinary place to live and work,” adds Sherwin. “It’s been my experience that we begin to notice [these things] more as we get older. We take such beauty for granted at times.”

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