First Gear


Infographic To Share: Oil’s Roller Coaster Ride

A closer look at one of your most volatile farm inputs.

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FarmLife FIVE: Big Data

Big Data is not only, well, BIG, it also offers huge opportunities for farmers.

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Tour de Farm Excursions Are a Tour de Force

Annual farm tour events are a growing trend for direct-to-consumer producers.

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USDA Microloan Program Expanding

Small and short-term, these microloans offer farmers a low-interest alternative for a variety of financial needs.

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FReSH: Farm & Ranch eXtension in Safety and Health

Featuring expert advice from Extension, academics, farmers and others, this website offers a clearinghouse of useful ag safety and health information.

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CRISPR Crops Coming

A new gene-editing technology offers tremendous promise.

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Infographic To Share: Decline In Pollinators Causes Rise In Prices

Each winter since 2006, about 30% of beehives collapsed.

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A Farmer with a Mammoth Find

James Bristle can add prehistoric bones to the list of crops he’s harvested.

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The AGCO-Branded UAV

AGCO and SOLO team up to offer the latest in unmanned aerial vehicle technology for farming.

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Drought Tech: Innovative Solutions Help Farmers Manage Water

Across North America, technology and other innovative solutions help farmers make the most of the water they have.

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