First Gear


Distance Learning for Farmers

University programs offer online education for new and beginning farmers.

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FarmLife FIVE: Ag Innovations

Ag startups that could radically change farming.

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Infographic To Share: Eliminating Food Waste

Worldwide, an estimated 30% of food is wasted each year. How would elimination of that wastage affect efforts to feed the world’s growing population?

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Crowdfunding the Farm

A new funding model helps farmers raise capital.

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FarmLife Five: High-Water Marks

Prices at home are on the rise, use is on the decline, but leaky pipes reveal cracks in the system.

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Ag in the Classroom: Virtually Visiting The Farm

This volunteer organization brings the farm to young visitors.

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Cut ‘Em Down, Swathers: High School Mascot Pays Tribute to AGCO

The Swathers’ football team of Hesston, Kansas, is as tough as its farm equipment namesake.

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Researchers Believe Living on a Farm Makes You Healthier

Why? A study aims to pinpoint the reason children around agriculture have less allergies than others.

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Click to enlarge: During the last century, global water use rose at more than twice the rate of population growth.

Infographic To Share: Agricultural Water Usage in North America

Just how much water do North American farmers use?

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Fairlife premium milk

Fairlife: Premium Milk

Seeing opportunity to revive a flagging market, an Indiana-based dairy co-op and Coca Cola team up to make and promote a new type of milk.

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