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Saddle Up at University of Minnesota, Morris

Housing horses on campus offers a respite for students at this small liberal arts college.

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Consumers Are Cynical About Organic Food

A recent report found that young American shoppers are willing to pay more for organic food, even though many of them don’t trust the label.

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Getting Help In Times of Trouble

New York FarmNet offers clients advice and answers.

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Massey Ferguson Gifts and Gear

Hats and hoodies, T-shirts and toys, fleece and flashlights, mugs and more.

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FarmLife Five: Canadian and U.S. Slang Quiz

You may be an Argo sweating a great white combine gone catawampous, but if you’re hip to Canadian and American slang, you’ll know it’s OK to treat yourself to some Calf Slobbers. Test your knowledge of Canadian and U.S. lingo.

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Infographic To Share: Earth’s Surface Area

Just how much of the Earth’s surface area is farmed, or farmable?

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Rethink Roadway Rules

A new proposal may soon provide guidance to accommodate bigger, speedier farm equipment.

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Watershed Map: How the West Was Drawn

What if the U.S. had based Western state boundaries on watersheds? One land use planner decided to look into the question and started a movement.

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According to the Farmer’s Almanac, which predicted last year’s Winter-agedden, expect more shivery and shovelry.

FarmLife Five: The Polar Vortex!

Five cold, hard facts about last year’s “Winter-pocalypse.”

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The National Barn Alliance tries to connect people with preservationists in their area.

Barn Again: Saving and Restoring the Heart of the Farm

The National Barn Alliance and others offer ways to save treasured structures.

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