Life on the Land

Farm Fatale

Stories from a city girl gone mad over cows, farms, dairies, a certain guy who would become her husband and just about all things rural.

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Young Farmers: Growing Their Future and Ours

We asked several about their challenges and goals, then listened as each spoke of hard lessons learned, their passion for farming and hopes for the future.

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The Boeres

Young Farmers: The Boeres

With family in the dairy business for more than 175 years, this young producer hopes to continue the legacy despite a quickly changing ag landscape.

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The Robertses

Young Farmers: The Robertses

Will and Becky Roberts stretch themselves beyond the one-commodity revenue stream to grow their income through a complementary fence- and gate-building business in Virginia.

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The Skobergs

Young Farmers: The Skobergs

Skoberg married his wife, Shelly, two years ago, creating a robust blended family in the process. When everyone’s home, it’s all hands on deck.

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12 Steps for Building a Bridge

Build this simple structure and cross that ditch or swale with ease.

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Seeds Planted, Stories Told: Paul Sailer, Author of “I Had a Comrade”

Veteran and author, Paul Sailer helps preserve tales of courage and comradery.

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Scape & Scrape: Working In Extreme Weather

Brian Fuller, who plows snow in the winter and landscapes in warmer months, loves hands-on labor, living on the farm and his prospects for future growth.

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Massey Ferguson on the Beach: Wish You Were Here

Jealousy is unbecoming, but given the palm trees and snowy white beaches, we had our reasons.

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Fun, Farm-Related College Mascots: Fear the Okra!

Delta State’s Fighting Okra is a prickly standout among ag-themed mascots.

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