Women in Agriculture: Finding Common Ground

A grassroots network of women in agriculture wants consumers to see them as the face of food production.

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This Alfalfa Hay Quality Is Off The Charts

This Texas hay producer is setting new regional records for alfalfa quality and feed value.

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A Visit With Southeastern Farmer of the Year Danny Kornegay

How diversification, and smart expansion, helped one farm family navigate the ups and downs of a volatile market.

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Jason and Jim Sneed, among the ragweed.

Harvesting Pollen: Nothing to Sneeze At

A double-crop of forage and allergens offers an unusual synergy for this innovative producer.

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The Tiny But Mighty Popcorn King

Gene Mealhow, aka “Farmer Gene,” has found success with an ancient heirloom seed, a focus on soil health and a commitment to marketing what he grows.

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Processing Crops into Silage: Top of the Heap

From where D&G Chopping sees it, change offers opportunity.

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3 Best Tips for Packing Silage Piles

Experts offer their advice on how to pack silage for feed quality that lasts.

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Saving the Ogallala: A Sinking Feeling

If depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer continues at the current rate, the impact will be felt far beyond the High Plains and its farming communities.

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Saving the Ogallala: How to Reverse Its Decline

A number of efforts are underway to help save water in the Ogallala Aquifer for future generations. Conservation is critical, but artificially recharging such an aquifer, even though it has to overcome sizeable hurdles, is a must.

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Ag Accelerators: Revving Up Innovation

Farmers turn to agtech accelerators to help launch startups.

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